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Seeking Ranch Caretaker/Landscaper Person for Rent Trade

Overview:  Three Points Ranch (TPR) is seeking a flexible Handy-Person/ Grounds Keeper for Rent / Land exchange. TPR is a family-owned 540 acre ranch in Round Mountain, TX (15 miles from Johnson City / 8 miles from Marble Falls) that also serves as a vacation rental and wellness destination.


The ranch maintains a wildlife exemption valuation instead of an agricultural valuation, so does not graze cattle or other livestock on the property except two horses.  TPR’s short-term rentals are managed separately, but there is a regular amount of ranch work and maintenance needed on a weekly basis (described below). We seek to exchange monthly rental of a private RV space for a set amount of monthly work hours (negotiable). 


Ideal Fit:  This is an ideal arrangement for an individual (or couple without children) with landscaping and skilled labor experience who has a separate primary source of income and a love for nature, wildlife and the outdoors.  It is particularly suited for folks who are craftsmen, artists, writers, etc.—anyone who wants to balance spending time on their own trade with some regular responsibilities in a creative and inspiring environment.


Requirements (non-negotiable): 

  • Must be able to work a set number of hours per month with relative weekly consistency–i.e., spreading monthly hours over the weeks of the month.

  • Must be able to lift at least 70 pounds

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and US work authorization.

  • Must own an RV and live on the premises in order to care for the two horses and be available as an emergency contact when guests are on the premises. 

  • Good people skills, judgment and general trouble-shooting abilities. For example, someone comfortable responding to wildlife issues (like a snake sighting) or handling/escalating a maintenance issue when guests are on the premises as needed when owners are gone.

  • Must feel comfortable around horses and like working outdoors

  • Experience with general landscaping (e.g. raking, weed-eating, mowing, trimming, pruning)

  • Good working knowledge of fire safety and other hazard safety (e.g. ability to be proactive in minimizing risks of fire and other electrical and weather-related hazards that might arise)

Salary / Trade Offer:  

  • We will provide a water and electrical hookup (50amp or 35amp RV outlets) on the property in a secluded spot, but you will need to have your own RV and vehicle.

  • The agreed upon number of hours per month will be based on experience and exchanged for monthly rent of the RV space and utilities.

  • Additional (paid) hours over the monthly trade will also likely be available.

  • Up to $100/month in electricity charges can be included in the exchange, and there is no charge for water.

  • Handy-Person’s RV will ideally have a composting toilet as there is currently no septic on the site.

  • A full-size 4WD ranch pickup is available for use when necessary for ranch work (hauling brush, moving equipment, etc.).


Preferred skills:

In addition to being able to complete ranch hand duties on a consistent weekly basis, the ideal person will also have experience with our preferred skills (below), but quick learners with the right mix of experience will also be considered:


  • Basic carpentry and/or woodworking skills (e.g. repairing deck wood, trim, etc.)

  • Basic plumbing troubleshooting and repair (e.g. PVC pluming repair; maintaining water troughs; addressing or escalating septic or water heating/softening issues, etc.)

  • Basic electrical troubleshooting and repair (e.g. mending electrical wires, replacing electrical fuses, etc.)

  • Fence repair and/or basic ironwork and welding

  • Basic small equipment maintenance and repair (e.g., maintaining mowers and trimmers, power tools, and generators; ability to replace filters/carburetors, etc.)

  • Basic vehicle maintenance (e.g., batteries, tires, and fluids on ranch truck, Polaris, tractor, golf cart)

  • Experience with brush clearing and chainsawing (hand clearing)

  • Basic bicycle maintenance and repair (e.g. ensuring tires are inflated to correct range; cleaning and lubricating chains; repairing/replacing bike tires or inner tubes, etc.)


Recurring Weekly Duties (5-8 hours per week):

  • Hauling trash in ranch pickup to the dumpster weekly (~30 min per week)

  • Feeding and caring for 2 retired horses when owners are gone (less than 1 hour per day)

  • Landscaping depending on season (chopping and stacking wood, mowing [Zero-Turn or push mower], raking leaves, trimming/weed-eating, watering tree/shrub plantings) (2-4 hours per week)

  • Checking troughs/tanks for needed algaecide treatments, filter cleaning, tank cleaning, etc. (~30 min per week)

  • Checking/filling wildlife feeders, etc (~30 min per week)

  • Bicycle maintenance (checking/airing tires, lubing/greasing, replacing damages tire tube, etc.) (~30 min per week)

  • Recurring weekly/biweekly/monthly tasks like Airstream maintenance (airing tires, door greasing, screening, etc.) for rental area, changing HVAC air filters, etc. (~1-2 hours per month)

  • Troubleshooting issues with guest spaces that involve performing or escalating urgent repairs (the most frequently arising issues involve blown fuses or circuit breakers, and door handles/locks sticking)  (~30 min per week)

  • General road and gate maintenance (e.g. moving caliche from a stock pile to fill potholes in the road as needed; ensuring visibility and positioning of reflectors and signage; ensuring gates are operable; ensuring sides of roads and passing areas are mowed) (~1 hour per month)

  • Maintaining log/photos of qualifying wildlife management activities as needed  (~1 hour per month)


Potential Duties (as trade hours or paid extra hours):

  • Tractor work (shredding/mowing, disking, grating roads)

  • Repairing, mending and/or installing fencing

  • Operating a skid steer/Bobcat when necessary to clear large cedar, move rocks or materials, dig trenches or holes, etc.

  • Helping to maintain fire safety (identifying fire hazards, maintaining firewise building perimeters, etc.)


How to Apply:

  • Email us at, including a short resume summarizing your most relevant skills and experience, along with a brief note describing your interest in this arrangement (essentially, how and why this could work well for you and anything else we should know).

  • Note: Individuals or couples that can also offer hospitality skills and/or bookkeeping in addition to the core ranch hand duties are welcome to note that in their message, and would be considered as openings arise.


Diversity Statement:

All are welcome at the Three Points Ranch, and on our team.  We strive to make people of all walks of life feel welcome here throughout our work culture, values, hospitality, and learning.  And expect anyone we partner with to do the same.  

Timeline: We will accept resumes and notes of interest on an ongoing basis until the right person is identified.  

The following position has been filled, but we are accepting backups:

Guest Services Manager

Overview:  Three Points Ranch (TPR) is seeking a Guest Services Manager to manage all reservations and correspondence (remote), guest check-in and check-out (on-site), and marketing outreach (remote). TPR is a family-owned 540 acre ranch in Round Mountain, TX (15 miles from Johnson City / 8 miles from Marble Falls) that serves as a group vacation rental and wellness destination. Must be able to start on or before March 1, 2024.

Requirements (non negotiable): 

  • Must be able to work flexible hours remotely and at least 3-5 hours of on-site hours per week or more, which includes Friday afternoons

  • Must be able to lift at least 70 pounds

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and US work authorization.

  • Organized person with experience working in hospitality/guest services relations. 

  • Must have excellent writing skills and people skills

  • Experience in social media outreach and/or marketing desirable

  • Must feel comfortable working outdoors when on-site at the ranch

  • Must live within 20 miles of TPR 



  • $20-25 an hour depending on experience

  • Average of 5-15 per week with some weeks under 5 hours if no bookings

  • Hour tracking: Must be able to keep track of own hours in 7.5 minute increments when needed for calls, texts, emails



  • Answer questions about future and existing reservations in a timely manner via email and phone (email and Google Voice)

  • Create and update quotes using online reservation software (Owner Rez) as needed 

  • Perform Guest-Ready Duties (before guests arrive and after housekeeping)

  • Conduct Guest Check-in Walk-thrus (performed mainly on Fridays)

  • Conduct Guest Check-out Walk-thrus (performed mainly on Mondays)

  • Draft content and post to social media account (one per week)

  • Must be available to respond to guests via phone on weekends when they are on the premises to answer any questions and troubleshoot issues with owners or ranch hand

  • Maintain overall calendar of upcoming reservations and schedule housekeeping accordingly

  • Perform other duties as needed


To Apply:

Please email your resume and a brief cover letter or email explaining your interest in this role, compensation requirements, and anticipated availability to start work to  No phone calls please.

Our two horses, Jet and Peewee

Our two sweet horses, PeeWee (L) & Jett (R)      

A gorgeous 540 acres in the Texas Hill Country

Site for mobile home / RV / camper

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